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I haven't known life without All My Children. My Grandpa watched it… - Thrillington Rockingham Crimes, Esquire [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Thrillington Rockingham Crimes, Esquire

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[Apr. 14th, 2011|04:57 pm]
Thrillington Rockingham Crimes, Esquire
I haven't known life without All My Children. My Grandpa watched it before I was born. So did my Mom. She watched it all through her pregnancy with me.

Some how that show was just planted into my brain and my soul. I've watched it since I could comprehend TV that wasn't just cartoons. I've always had the adventures of Erica Kane, Tad The Cad, Dixie Cooney, Adam Chandler, Jackson Montgomery, and Uncle Porkchop to fall back on.

I've watched as Kelly Ripa was chubby and had black hair and was "goth." I've watched as Josh Duhamel quit, became a big star and married Fergie. I've lived through probably 20 marriages of Erica Kane. Tad's twin after he fell from a bridge and worked at a winery. All the drama of Janet From Another Planet. Sarah Michelle Gellar won an Emmy before Susan Lucci for her work as Kendall Hart. I once demanded somebody name their pet mouse Kendall Hart for no reason.

I remember when Brooke left. She just wasn't on the show anymore. She then came back...and disappeared with Adam again. I remember when Fusion was created. And Tempo Magazine. And Enchantment. I remember Erica and a bear.

When I watch All My Children at work...I'm able to tell whoever I'm working with exactly how everyone on that show is related and who they were married to and why the drama is what it is. I laugh when Greenlee comes and goes every 6 months. I could go on....

Today it was announced All My Children was cancelled. I'm in shock. I always hoped it would last forever.