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I was looking through really old emails from 10+ years ago. I had… - Thrillington Rockingham Crimes, Esquire [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Thrillington Rockingham Crimes, Esquire

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[Apr. 19th, 2012|11:03 pm]
Thrillington Rockingham Crimes, Esquire
I was looking through really old emails from 10+ years ago. I had weird emails from around the world. So much internet chatting. It's odd how back then people seemed to reach out more and try to find others that had the same interests. I think facebook kinda just ruined it all....because there is no mystery.....

Started typing in names of people I hardly knew from these emails onto facebook. There was at least one person I have no recollection of ever talking to. Thought that was weird.

The best one was from some girl that was obviously a Chili Peppers fan. I googled her and if it's the same person she's a pretty well to do photographer.

As I'm typing this outside of the laundromat that I google at a police officer just pulled up and flashed his spot light at me. He said "are you the one who called?" I said "No." He said "what are you doing?" "I'm just googling...using the internet." "Do you have any reason to be here?" "I'm using the internet...do I need to leave?" "no your'e fine"

Now he's searching around with a flash light. I'm really confused. Now there are two cop cars.

Anyways....i wish people sought me out like they used to. Instead I'll just keep being really lonely.